(I really wanted to title this blog ‘cra’ but it felt too almostbutnotquitefiftywannabetwentyfive)…

Today is Saturday. I love Saturday. For me, Saturdays come with the essence of freedom. After Saturday is a Sunday morning. Before Saturday is a Friday night. I love those too. The essence of freedom: nothing to do, nowhere to go. The essence. Freedom.

To know anything is to also know what it is not. The essence of captivity, the sense of being controlled or held captive, would be the opposing force to freedom.

Who or what does the controlling?

Saturday. A collective majority is assumed to have Saturday as part of a weekend. This suggests that a majority are not commuting and participating in what may be considered a traditional M-F, 9-5 work week. This is being totally disrupted btw. I’m loving the idea of a four day work week and crushing the ‘have-to’s’ of my ‘job’ during the non routine morning hours where two hours feels like four hours and my focus is ‘on’. 

Back to a traditional understanding of Saturday as a non-work day (insert your own general interpretation).

What if a typical day captured the essence of a Saturday? Morning/Evening (or whenever you begin/end) held the bookend-space of a Friday night and a Sunday morning. And then the ‘go’ chunk of the day held the essence of Saturday. The space between. 

Essence is just the back drop, your inner vibe. Where you operate from. A sense of possibility. An orientation to freedom being the vibrational set point.

Listen to your own responses to what I am suggesting. Are you creating an argument against why this could not be true?

But you know. You know. Underneath it all is the un-condition. The expansive knowing. The attunement to the energy of pure potential. Freedom.

To know anything is to know nothing. The sweet spot. Nothing is everything.

I intended to share more on Working Memory. I was originally going to expand on what  I am suggesting when I use the term ‘integrated working memory’. 

Here is the short version of the wasgoingtowriteabout blog:

Working Memory can be likened to what shows up on your ‘screen’ – the active algorithm. What you may unintentionally consider to be most relevant. 

By routine or by collective momentum, you may have an energetic resonance with a Saturday, or any day/time of day. Such as morning/noon/night, and along with that your meal times, or other segments of the day. We mimic particular patterns that function on autopilot. It helps us ‘live’ together.

What’s behind the working algorithm on the screen?

What is available in the search bar?

Where does the wireless connection come from? The signal. Do you have a strong signal? A clear connection?

At this point, there are endless references to how one functions as a human and digital technology.

Working Memory is surface. It supports the organization of a structure: the 24/7/12/52…

An integrated WM recognizes itself and at the same time can access a broader view or understanding. An integrated WM can align with the episodic memory and grasp cause and effect, AND can focus sequences of cause and effect projected into the future. 

This is problem solving. Connecting the evaluative experience of cause and effect to next steps.

This is the opposite of the hamster wheel.

This is the intelligent human response to Einstein’s well-rehearsed saying: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

Self-awareness? = noticing the pattern.

Self-Care? = caring enough about yourself to step away from the ‘cra’.