I amuse myself with the titles of my blog posts. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) it’s not amusing, but I don’t seem to care.

Not only do I title my posts in the least advantageous way to increase views, I pay to not have advertisements. I don’t like reading articles that have advertisements all over the page.

I like to think I am creating my own organic algorithm. #nologicinthis

The content theme for July is emotional control.

As it relates to an executive function (an inner resource used to execute growth outcomes in day), emotional control is paired with the EF skill shift. According to the assessment tool/resource I am referencing (BRIEF-2 Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function), Emotional Regulation includes one’s ability to shift (see June posts) and then to control one’s emotional response to the change, or shift. Regulating, or controlling, the emotional response would be emotional control.

Go ahead and swallow that. Digest.



In general, how much control can one have of something they are not aware of (?)

Awareness is the most valuable resource related to quality of day. Awareness is a gateway to emotional control, and ultimately emotional freedom.

Emotional freedom is a relative term. Don’t get hung up on it. Freedom is a sensation likened to possibility and wellbeing.

Back to awareness.

Awareness of one’s thoughts, feelings, and impulse/urge to respond with action/inaction (behavior). Awareness of your own data and the results that continue to show up.

Are you stuck or spinning in a version of same?

Do you want out?

The awareness of the limiting pattern is the key to liberation.

In part three of the attached resource there are basic tools to support growth in awareness. This is mindfulness. The amount of content available to grow in one’s inner resource of awareness is plentiful.

…but if one is not aware…🤷‍♀️