the goodness drop ripples

I am happy to announce that I have sold my 2nd product on TeacherPayTeacher.


I have now received a total of $10.00.


I have two ebooks on the site. The one I sold has been available for over a year. The other, since January (I think). 

If you read my blog, you wouldn’t need to purchase the content. I share it. I shared links to both ebooks several posts ago. 


When I receive the notification that I sold a product, I light up. Permagrin activated. I feel validated and excited. I don’t think it would feel any different if the numbers were higher. Feeling validated and excited, is feeling validated and excited. Regardless of the ‘cause’ or ‘stimulus’ leading to the response.

My favorite social app is Instagram. I have 200 followers. I post a video Sunday night and a blogquote midweek. I have momentum in the content, so I mostly ride the wave with a moderate, consistent level of self-satisfaction. It feels good. Every now and then I fall off the wave and entertain self-doubt, and maybe even embarrassment when I consider the way I feel compared to the observable data. And then I get a special comment or like from someone I admire, and it goes away.

My favorite DM was from a friend whom I haven’t really spent time with for over a decade. She has never liked a post to where I could see her name. Months ago I woke up to a short DM from her that said: I watched some of your videos last night. Keep doing what you’re doing.

It was enough. I still feel the power of the message. Validation. 

I have another friend who every now and then will make a very short comment or share an emoji that could only mean that he read/watched the post or video.

Enough. Validated.

Apparently this is my post today. 

My self-care ride has driven me out of depressive cycles. I feel the goodness that comes from authentic connection. A sense of validation.

My greatest win is the relationship I shifted with me. Over the decade, I programmed my own voice to affirm, appreciate, and guide my thinking in a way that continually uplifts my sense of self. It really is like living 24-7 in the most loving and accepting relationship.


Unexpected events, circumstances, and situations happen. Potential danger, threats, and challenges. 

You are the common denominator. 

You are the noticer of your thoughts, feelings, urges/impulses, and results. 

When you OWN your experience in the NOW you have WON the opportunity to choose. 

You tell the story. Is the story you tell one that is rooted in fear, or possibility?

Notice the attraction. 

What lens do you view experience through. What filter do you choose? 

Color your world from the inside-out. Choose the filter.

#intrinsicreward #legit