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When you think of meditation, you’re taking time, whether it’s a walk, whether it’s some kind of repetitive thing – like you’re cooking, and you’re allowing time to clear your mind so that you can reset. You can recalibrate to your truest self. When you get in that state, you can intentionally be aware of your thoughts. Being the noticer, being the examiner, being the observer of your thoughts, you can notice as you are interacting in day-to-day if you are leveling people. (Like) good people/bad people, more-than people/less-than people – and how you might have a script inside of people’s value. And, humans are valuable. A human is value, dignity, worth. When we allow these thought patterns in our minds to make these unexamined assumptions: ‘oh how nice, that more-than person said hi to the less-than person.’ (or) ‘more-than person is so nice to tip the less–than person.’ Human is…we are…: value is value. There’s enhancement and there’s growth, and all that kind of stuff, but your value and your worth…your dignity as a human being IS. All of us have access to the same source of wellbeing.

I have this little thought that I think started as kind of a joke – but not, because I was serious about it. I thought, ‘If I had a lot of money, I would pay for every service. I would pay for a chef, I would pay for someone to grocery shop, I would pay for a cleaning service, I would pay for every service.’ And the more I thought about that (and it didn’t take me long to think about it), but why wouldn’t we in general be in a mindset to pay humans for services as far as stimulating the economy. These services…we can tell a story that we should do it ourselves. People work full weeks, and then they spend their off-time doing all these chores when people have businesses, they have: landscaping, chef-stuff, cleaning…all sorts of services that we can pay people – give people value for the value that they’re giving to us. I think that was how it was meant to be, and somehow we got (away from it). Maybe not, maybe it’s just me. We got tripped up thinking that that kind of thing is excessive. And from the self-care angle, think about when you give yourself back the time of those chores. Maybe there are some chores that you enjoy doing, but when…if you think about your life, your experience of life, how is your equilibrium? How is it balancing out as far as give and take, transmitting/receiving.