Every ending is a new beginning. 

When I chose this theme for May, I was connecting it to the end of the school year. I was thinking specifically of my niece’s high school graduation. Every ending is a new beginning.

I’m not exactly sure when I first started repeating this little phrase, or mantra, to myself. I remember watching the movie Temple Grandin, and being curious about her continuous visual reference to a door. When Temple was in difficult or uncomfortable situations, she imagined a door – and herself opening the door. It created a sense of relief and possibility. Empowerment.

The mantra came in handy when my dog died. I remember going for a walk after I put her down, and repeating to myself over and over, ‘every ending is a new beginning’.

It’s more than just a mantra for the moment. It definitely works as such…but it’s more.

So many cycles. Breath – beginning, middle, end. Day – beginning, middle, end. Seasons – beginning, middle, end. A conversation. A shower. Weather. Cycles are continuous. Constant.

Do you ever wonder about your day and the number of different segments that include a beginning, middle, and an end? A workout. Quiet time. Meals. Work – the segments within the work day. When we reflect on the segments of day, we can be curious about the different ways we show up to the segments. Level of confidence, interest, focus. This is another blog post, but with what intention do we take on day? how much control do we have over how we show up and express ourselves in the differing segments?

I suppose the whole point of this particular post, is that opportunities and growth are continuous and constant. Nothing stays the same. Nothing is meant to stay the same. And then as I type this, I think of what seems to be constant and unchanging. I read an interpretation of the Tao a while back, and the whole concept of ‘everything and nothing’ made so much sense to me, as nonsensical as ‘everything and nothing’ can seem.

In January, the theme was self-care. To care about yourself enough to be curious about your thoughts and the story you tell. In February, it was love. Love as a state of being. The story I tell can be one that connects to possibility and well-being. In March, it was anticipation – am I anticipating the next worst thing or the next best thing? Am I telling a story of positive expectancy? In April, fresh and new. Any moment I choose can be a fresh start, a new beginning. 

May. Every ending is a new beginning.

The current life situation will end. And then what? What will begin? 

Begin to tell the story of what’s next. To generalize, my guess is that your favorite athlete, actor, performer, etc began telling the story of what’s next as an intuitive response to an adverse situation. You can too.