coffee and donuts

Does this mean anything to you: The infinite potential of still awareness.

How about this: Thoughts in pure consciousness are ripples in the quantum. 

Words paint a picture. A picture is worth a thousand words. We can agree that words are important. We could also agree that the understanding of what a word means is relative to an individual. This tells me that communication is really an advanced skill.  

Consider memory. It’s not words. It’s invisibly visible. Perhaps mostly interpreted through the feeling state the memory creates. The meaning is relative to the individual. 

I learned that episodic memory is long term memory. ‘Passively stored.’

I learned that semantic memory is considered factual or objective. I assume it’s also part of long term memory.

Working memory is short term memory. Useful. Functional. 

I can’t imagine that long and short term memory is not integrated; as much as I can see how it can be compartmentalized. 

This brings us to February. Theme: Knowledge. Executive function: Working Memory. An inner resource. A developing skill. I suppose the skill is in accessing one’s Working Memory, or knowledge. What you know. Awareness of Working Memory puts one in the stands of life unfolding. 

How does awareness of the function of Working Memory help one practice self-care?

One thing is for sure: intentionally slowing down to access knowledge is good for problem solving. 

Tapping into knowledge, what I know or think I know, in a curious way can allow for if/then thinking that is more constructive and therefore more productive. Constructive thinking leads to sustainable solutions. Sustainable solutions contribute to growth outcomes and new possibilities. 

What picture do the words curious, constructive, productive, sustainable, growth, possibility paint? 

How about the opposite: disinterested, destructive, unproductive, dying, stagnant, impossible?

What picture does your life paint? 

What picture do you want it to paint?

How much of it is in your control?

Who benefits?