source. pleasure. moment.

It makes sense to organize one’s life in a way to control for unwanted conditions that may disrupt one’s sense of safety and security. 

What’s your why? What lies beneath the desire to control conditions.

Let’s examine. 🔎

Self-Care. Caring about yourself.

Care. What does it mean to care

Take the action out. What is the feeling state of care?

Once you consider the feeling state of care, take it one step further and wonder about your why.


‘I care about food being fresh and not stale.’


It tastes better.

We could now ask: and then what? what comes next? how can we use this information?

Or we can take it one. step. further. and continue with the why.

Why do you care about food tasting good?


💬 I enjoy fresh food. I love biting into a fresh tortilla chip. I love crunch. I love soft, warm bread. I love the first sip of my morning smoothie. I love the juice of my favorite fruit. I.Love.Taste.

Now we have tapped into the senses. The sensual experience of pleasure. Pleasure. What story do you tell about pleasure? What story do you tell about that which is pleasing to YOU. 

Here is the care.

I care about myself enough to enjoy the moment. I care enough to slow down and allow the sensual experience of that which is pleasing. 

At this point, we could line up the experience of pleasure with the second level of Maslow, or second chakra energy. Let’s not. Let’s just wonder about the most. bestest. feeling. of authentic care and the sensual experience it creates within your body and your being. 

When I care about my experience. When I care about clarity. When I care about my thoughts and opinions. When I care about my connection to the source of wellbeing.

The feeling state of care has its own flavor, yet lives within the space of equilibrium and balance. 

The word care, like love, can be double-edged. Care and love, used in language that resonates within the context of fear (what could happen – bad) is quite contradicting.

I care about _______ therefore I must embed more rules and restrictions for safety to protect against what could happen (bad). 


I care about my attunement to wellbeing. I care about feeling good.

When I care about my goodness, I tap into a wellspring of abundance. An abundance of thoughts, ideas, and possibilities of what could happen (good).

Goodness. The uncondition. The ultimate why.

Organize your day. 

Can you create space to orient yourself to the sensual experience of a moment.

Care about your experience of pleasure. Allow it. No rules. No restrictions. Bathe in it. Daily.

Five minutes. Ten minutes.

Notice what happens.