A worksheet I created for a student. A young student. A difficult skill to transfer. Much more beneficial for the younger person to mimic effective use of the skill in the older person.

When one becomes the noticer of their inside world of FITS (feelings, impulses, thoughts, sensations) they begin to create space between who they are as a choicemaker, and how they are responding to a present moment experience.

Urges and impulses on either end of a continuum are amazing to wonder and be curious about. On one end, they exist to protect and have become so integrated into the body’s defense mechanism that if we consider their force, we can do so with a sense of ‘awe’. I resonate with the definition of awe as a word that is used when there is no word. Awestruck. Filled with a sense of awe. And then there’s one more that really hasn’t caught on…awesome (?)

On the other end of this continuum, urges and impulses could be connected to the something more. To my mind, there is no ‘could be’. There is a collective consciousness in the nonphysical realm that exists as the ultimate support system. So much more going on in the various roles we play in this life experience. 

Artists and athletes speak of the nonphysical collective quite openly it seems. Tapped in. Turned on. More. ‘I was in the zone.’ ‘I don’t know how to explain what happens.’ ‘It just came to me.’

And then there is what lies between these two ends.

We don’t roll solo in day

Let’s imagine that each of us has a force field of awesomeness that radiates outward from the heart space in all directions, about 10 feet, creating a sphere. An energy field. The vibration of this energy field resonates with our present moment experience. Energy in motion. E-motion. 

Now imagine all those you are surrounded by also radiating an energy field. Depending on your ‘codes’ and how you do your experience, and various other contributors to how you be and how you interpret how others be, you are being influenced or being the one influencing on an energetic level.

In this example, if you are bounding through life with an unexamined energy field, you could bounce in and out of the influence of other’s force fields. Blindly reacting to urges and impulses that may or may not resonate with your desires and preferences. This feels like life is happening to you. And if others would ‘behave’ and be better choicemakers, and care more about you, then you would be happy.

What if, in this example, you intentionally took time upon awakening into a new day to orient to an energy field of choice. The balanced one. The energy state that resonates, or calibrates to, the set point of all existence. Equilibrium. The foundation of the gush fountain. From the source of wellbeing is where the good stuff flows. 

Now as you move into day, you have oriented and grounded yourself in a desired set point. You are ‘standing’ solidly in an open state of what is possible. You are aware that at any moment a stronger force may interrupt your coherence, but recognize that this is life. Life exists. Life is aLIVE, therefore its function is growth. Bumping up against the unexpected, feeling a sense of discomfort, responding to unplanned events, situations, and circumstances is all part of the game. Opportunities for growth. As life bumps you around, you will have moments to return to the set point. You can reflect. You can problem solve. You can choose. 

Often I will read or hear a person in the yoga/conciousness world say people attract to the highest vibration in the room. 

What happens when one attuned force field connects with another, and another, and another. Do you think it’s a good day? Do you think sustainable outcomes are reached?

When I OWN (observe, witness, notice) my FITS (feelings, impluses, thoughts sensations) in the NOW, I have WON the opportunity to choose. I am a choicemaker. I lead my thinking, my feeling, and my actions (impulses/urges). When I lead, I am in charge. Leaders make choices to execute well intended plans that contribute to the goodness. Leaders are executives of their lives and influence those they interact with. Humans are born with inner resources that allow them to execute their life experience. 

Executive Functions.