Today is the first day of a new month. I have two paper calendars. It feels so good to turn the page to a fresh new month. 

The feeling state of possibility.

The anticipation of this new month has a component of duality, or mixed emotion, for me. As a lifelong school employee there is an eagerness as summer break draws near. I also have nervous feelings as I designed a plan for summer that involves stickers, workbooks, and car camping. 

I have been designing the summer plan since February. It is a product of my own experience of the content I have been sharing on my Sally & Sifer FB page

Imagining new outcomes is fun. Being reminded that thoughts turn to things is fun too.

Nervous fun (?)

The video scribe today is taken from a video I posted about a year ago on April 25, 2021. 

The clip focuses on three takeaways: illuminate, compound, and finding equilibrium in Quiet Time. You can learn more about these ideas by participating in the next 8-week content series beginning June 6, 2022 on the Sally & Sifer Facebook Page.

4.25.21 @sallysifer Instagram Video clip

Illuminate. The word paints such a great picture. When something happens: somebody says something, (even) when you watch movies or read a book, some perspective or some information illuminates your situation, circumstance, or event. 

When you know that there are things that happen to illuminate, just as there are those things that happen to darken, (just) knowing that can support your inner state. Just knowing that it exists: just like things happen and can create a dark shadow, so can things that illuminate and add perspective. 

The other word is compound. It’s an observable behavior that I’ve noticed. I’m not going to be able to come full circle and offer some great advice, it’s an awareness and something that I want to learn more about. One of my biggest triggers is feeling overwhelmed, stuffed, saturated. If you think about ebb and flow, there’s a natural ebb and flow in existence. Your breath: breathe in, breathe out. There’s an ebb and flow in the ocean water. If you think about when you are stressed, and if you think about when you ebb: when you are taking work on, (it’s like) when you are breathing in and you’re breathing in A LOT. Breathing in (in video I breathe in a lot), but you can’t let it out all the way, so you let it out about half way. And then you breathe in again and you take in a lot, and then (out) half way. Eventually you might start to get really uncomfortable. We can recognize that overwhelm. Evening out the equilibrium is one thing, but also just being curious about the workload. Perspective. 

When the work piles up, when it compounds, and you’re taking in more than you’re letting out, that discomfort creates a dysregulation, and you’re in this stress state, right?  

Push-Pull: what is observable and what is desirable. What’s happening is overwhelming, is too much. What’s desirable doesn’t seem like you can access it. What’s desirable is a feeling state. You want the feeling of balance. Which is why taking time to meditate and intentionally create that sense of equilibrium and balance, that’s an energetic state. It’s a transmitting frequency. What you transmit you receive. When you can create that sense of equilibrium you can draw in or attract to you situations, circumstances, and events that work for you instead of against you like that stress – push, pull.