The wind…it’s what makes it so warm this time of year. Legend has it, when the Santa Anas blow, anything can happen.’

Miles. The Holiday

I’m not always the best observer. I can walk my familiar neighborhood with a neighbor who can point out seemingly obvious things that I have never noticed.

I have noticed the wind in Denver this spring. When I am outside in the wind, I began saying under my breath ‘the winds of change’. The wind reminds me of a popular movie, The Holiday.

Keep that thought.

A strategy that I learned from the GoZen social-emotional program to teach to students who have panic attacks, is to notice what is happening inside the body (fast heart, hot skin, etc) and normalize the body’s reaction by comparing it to what happens on the inside when there is choice (ex. riding a rollercoaster or watching a scary movie). In general, when one can notice the body’s response, one can tell a story that supports better ease in soothing the response.

Are you with me?

The winds of change are happening in my life experience currently. All things currently happening ‘to me’ have been created ‘by me’. I am aware of what is happening as I have been in full choice as to what is happening. 

Even though I am the one making the choices, my inside world is responding to all the change. I have nervous, unfocused energy. Even in my quiet time, my mind and body are more difficult to soothe and relax as compared to the routine I was in prior to taking action steps to turn ideas into ‘reality’. 

This is life.

When we are not in control or aware of what is happening, our body’s response can lead to reactive behavior. Without thoughtful awareness, the winds of change can feel like an attack, that something is wrong, that someone or something is at fault. 

Life is continuous evolution. We split our energy and create tension when we don’t disrupt limiting beliefs about change. Change is discomfort. Discomfort triggers stress response. When we aren’t ‘in’ on how it all plays together, we can get stuck or spin in a life of pushing against what we don’t want, rather than being pulled toward new outcomes that match the desires of our heart. 

Change happens.