Shoulders over hips. Look up. 

Two cues from recent yoga classes that have resonated over the last few weeks. By resonate, I continue to use them for myself and have used them in sessions with others – including a classroom of Kindergarten students. 

I don’t share much about movement.breath.kindness. (MBK). I created MBK and checkIN as formulas to facilitate skills, tools, and strategies in a school setting without having to read a script or use video.

the pile next to me as I type…

I have a pile of handwritten/drawn up lessons created over the years specific to elementary grades that follow the formula of MBK. I also refer to MBK as the human glitter jar: ‘When my inside world feels stuck or spinning I use Movement to shake it up, Breath to settle, and Kindness to self to see clearly and return to the truth of who I am (authentic self).’

An example of how to use MBK in day could start with the cues: shoulders over hips. look up. Now we have Alignment – mind can download into body for present moment awareness. Now we have energy flow: mind space/heart space/belly space/muscles/skin (nervous system). Next, insert the movement: side to side, top bottom, forward back. There are endless combinations (especially with young kids). Kindness to self also includes a variety of options such as an encouraging mantra: ‘I am capable.’ or ‘I contribute in meaningful ways.’ When we are so focused on a physical world, life and its meaning can unintentionally become focused on external conditions. The external focus often includes kindness to others being the most important. Kindness to others is great, and I think it varies in how it shows up – but, I believe it’s the organic flow from one’s state of alignment and self love that allows the way we treat one another to be an authentic expression, rather than a calculated behavior.

This video includes a lot of the language I am using in this post. Specific to MBK you can forward the video to 2:00.

This past week I posted only one time on my FB page referencing checkIN: emotional body. It’s actually a simple concept when understood in context of the first three steps.

April 17, 2023

I’m not sure if you can hear the music to this post, there was a copyright issue.

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