Fresh and new. 

Are you feeling fresh and new? 

Could you feel fresh and new? 

What does it take to feel fresh and new? 

Do you enjoy feeling fresh and new? 

What does it feel like to feel fresh and new?

Fresh thoughts and new ideas. I love the feeling of fresh thoughts and new ideas. When I was getting stuck in cyclical patterns of depression, I would latch onto the feeling of possibility when it showed up. I knew the feeling. I loved the feeling. I knew there was a feeling state inside of me that existed where I felt I could handle anything, and I could be, do, or have anything – I was capable. 

The more I noticed that feeling, the more I noticed that it would show up at random times. I assumed I had to follow very healthy patterns to access that feeling – how much sleep I was getting, eating all the right things, not living in excess of anything. Then the feeling would show up and the ‘rules’ hadn’t been followed, but the feeling still came.

I call the feeling possibility. Maybe I also call it inspiration. It feels so good. The feeling is well-being. Well-being has a lot of language or names to describe it. Mostly – it just feels good. Feeling balanced feels good. Feeling clear feels good. Feeling open feels good.

Allowing yourself to be curious about the state of well-being is a great place to start if you would like to enjoy more control over your access to, and experience of, well-being. Can you notice when you are in an open state? Other words to describe this state could be the feeling of allowing and receiving. Are you open to being curious? Are you open to having an experience and just allow the experience to be what it is without telling a story that includes a lot of rules? Are you okay with receiving the feeling? Or are you telling yourself that good things aren’t practical? ‘One needs to be very cautious of good things.’ (Deconstruct that. Does it make sense? Is it logical?)

Self awareness can bring you closer to your experience of good feeling states of energy in your body. It can also bring your attention to the story you are telling about the good feeling states.

If you feel stuck, one trick always works for me. I use a very popular prompt from the coaching world: If you could be, do, or have anything without money, time, or other resources being of issue or concern, what would it be?

If I can catch myself stuck in overwhelm, or what I call ‘saturated’, I ask: what do you want? If this is too much, then what is just right?

The experience of openness and possibility is your end game. You are using your thinking to create and access pathways in your brain that support problem solving and growth. Telling stories and creating a sense of wonder and possibility allows for the essence of well-being to emerge. When you access the state, you let go of attachment to specific outcomes because trust shows up. We all are connected to an intuitive state that allows us to be exactly who we are. 

The owner of Kindness Yoga in Denver, Patrick Harrington, always has a nugget of wisdom in his classes. Most recently he referenced something he read: ‘would you use 1% of your time in a day doing something that would make the other 99% more engaging and meaningful?’

Here’s what lands that idea: 1% is 14 minutes.

Would you reflect on how you want to show up and express yourself for 14 minutes if it helped you to align and plan how day looks, feels, and sounds? Would you spend 14 minutes to slow down, and allow an opportunity for your mind to clear and your heart to open? Would you spend 14 minutes practicing a skill, tool, or stategy that supports your access to a more balanced state?

Ordinary day…Extraordinary way. Now this is me.