When I made a decision to disconnect from organized religion I remember deciding in my mind that I would consider any content that was inclusive and loving. I most likely didn’t use the term content when I created this new disclaimer, but the word content has become my general term for input – what I take in. What I digest from the variety of media/mediums available for sharing information.

More recently I even changed the language in my mission statement to: I create and share content (formally ideas) that allows adults and children to feel seen, heard, valued, and understood. 

Often I think of the word contents. The ‘what’s inside’. Table of contents. The contents label of food or anything else that is packaged. 

A book contains content. A book has a cover. The cover can be what attracts you to the content. I have been attracted to many covers of which the content did not sustain my interest.

In some cases, the content may be the driver as far as interest in the book. The cover may appear unappealing. The content may have made such an impression that it became bigger than the observable book cover. 

In life, or day as I refer to the perception of daily living, we observe many ‘covers’. The surface. Every observable surface has contents, information, story. 

Every package of a human life includes contents. Nonphysical contents. Information. Story.

Would our relationships be more meaningful if it was the contents of a human that attracted us to one another (generally speaking), rather than a momentary impression of the surface? I’m using the word attraction as what gets one’s attention, what one is drawn to. 

Over the years, I have consumed a lot of content related to personal growth and human potential. It wasn’t the content that changed me, it was the application and experience of the new information that allowed for shifts in my thinking that cleaned up my contents, my ‘what’s inside’.

Organic. That which is closest to its source. Its origin. Clean. Organic farming is often interrelated with the word sustainable as its methods allow for lasting growth that expands as it is cultivated.

Processed. That which has been stripped from its original source. Can stay on a shelf for years. Same taste.

Often I suggest that self-care is between you and you. When it comes to new ideas and considering new ways of thinking and being in day, no one needs to know. Care about yourself enough to consider the contents of you. What areas of your life do you feel most organic, closest to your source, authentic and whole. What areas feel processed, mechanistic, robotic, disconnected.

Constant growth.