The 2023 blog year is here. I am eager. Eager for so much 🤗

In my world of imaginings that include desired outcomes for Sally & Sifer – day. LLC, I post a weekly blog on Saturday morning by 8am MST.

Today is Sunday and it is 10:50am MST. I have been visiting my parents for the whole of the winter holiday in the Eastern time zone. The holiday generously stretched from 12-22-22 to this day, 1-8-23. I returned to Denver at 2am this morning. Ironically, 2am is when I often like to wake up.

I did not post a blog yesterday morning, but I did write:

Summer 2022 took me on a roadtrip. 

Define term: roadtrip – uhhhhhh? Hm.

Where I started and where I am, as it relates to the scheming and actualizing of a ‘roadtrip’, has changed. My original unexamined definition of a ‘roadtrip’ meant driving instead of flying to visit family/friends. It has been a slow transition in thinking to recognize that many consider a roadtrip to be quite intentional and include short drive days and alternate routes. A roadtrip can mean whatever it needs to mean, but I love the latter concept (ie. 2023 sally daywonders about vans).

My summer 2022 roadtrip was more intentional than prior ‘roadtrips’, but still a ways away from short drive days and alternate routes. 

Summer ‘22 was intentional in that I narrowed my focus to stops/stays in (mostly) college towns. It was summer ‘21 that evoked an idea to connect my (sally & sifer – day.) content to the trip. I was driving all these miles to visit my brother/family in Illinois and parents in Florida. I thought it would be fun to leave copies of my books in the towns I stopped in. My crush on Lawrence, Kansas (which began b4vid) got me thinking about college towns. Independent bookstores and coffeeshops were the next layer of this dreamy adventure. 

Published copies of books were not accomplished in time for summer ‘22. I made stickers instead. I left a trail of stickers in a east-ish/southern route that ultimately took me to Illinois and Florida, and back to Denver via Lawrence. The sticker sticks at coffeeshops and bookstores, captured on video that I shared to @sallysifer Instagram stories, consumed more time than anticipated. 

Because I was putting up stickers, I felt I should purchase something from the targeted bookstore or coffeeshop. I love coffee, but tend to consume it in the early morning during Quiet Time. If the establishment sold stickers, I would buy one. I collected a number of stickers that I placed on my roadie cooler. I bought a lot of random swag from sticker stops over the course of the summer – tshirts, books, and stickers were the main grab.

This blog post is leading to the unexpected inspiration I received after (just now) completing several of the books I purchased from a summer ’22 sticker stop in Savannah, Georgia at the Savannah College of Art and Design, known as SCAD.

The Bee and the Acorn, a memoir by Paula Susan Wallace.

And that, my blog friends, is as far as I got.

Let’s call it part one

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