My high school ‘bestie’s’ last name was Herring. Nickname: Fish. It’s hard to think of the word Fish without smiling. It makes me think of another personality I captured last summer when I visited Oxford, Mississippi. No specific memory, just a smile that captures all of it.

Fish is the card for May.

It seems as if all things I’m noticing recently have the punch in the gut effect. As it relates to the description of the Fish card, it is mostly spot on for me. I am unsure what is meant by ‘spend some time with lunar forces’ but I might have to look into it. 🐠 🌕

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Next up is a May 2, 2020 post taken from the book Something More. Connecting to the pulse of a Shared Humanity. Below that is a video posted to sallysifer Instagram that includes a short read and a few thoughts relevant to the somethingmore 2.2.20. post.

consider hanging out until the end for a bedhead capture…

Every cell in one’s being is wired to find harmony. If one is not aware of their vibrational broadcast and tuning to self, then the tuner is looking to tune to something else.

Abraham Hicks

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May 1, 2023

May 4, 2023

original date March 29, 2020