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Today is November 24, 2022. I am editing my 2021 ebook: abetterway. using inner resources to create your own algorithm. I just read this post and thought I’d reshare today 🦃🤗. The relevance is in the last part…finding equilibrium in the ‘thanks’ and the ‘give’.

The Chipper. 

Yep. You guessed it. The name of a workout at Orange Theory Fitness.

One can most likely guess how the workout unfolds. 

If I were to apply another cutesy phrase to the underbelly of my content shares, it would be some play on ‘chipper’. 

“Keep chipping away to the essence of the Nugget.”

If you understand that sentence, you are part of the just-now formed secret society of the #nuggetchippers.

Speaking of…Dax and Monica recently had an entertaining podcast on secret societies. 

Speaking of…. Dax and Monica…

I like to consider myself a bit off-grid, but I think Armchair Expert is one of the top-listened-to podcasts – AND they ‘support’ McDonalds. This would not be off-grid.


Energy grid.

How does it all connect?

Off again. Phew.

Back on the monthly topic of replacement behavior…

When I chip away at what lies beneath the essence of my own maladaptive behavior that consumed me for decades, I would name it compulsive consumption. I can go back to 8 y/o when I recall it showing up.

Compulsive consumption began and continued with food, and then drinking showed up in college, and spending showed up in my adult life. 

I could tell endless stories about all three, and point fingers in every direction. But why? The short answer to why? could be that it feels good to point fingers and blame. But the and then what? only kept me stuck and spinning in same

My compulsion never specifically rose to the level of a clinical diagnosis for addiction. But my patterns matched. The intensity was probably near the need for treatment, but not quite. 

The behavior pattern, or loop, connected itself to negative self-talk that loved the internal language of ‘I hate you’. Spoken loud and clear to myself. The powerless feeling of the cycle-on-repeat  depressed my body’s ability to maintain a hormone balance which I am sure contributed to what I termed cyclical depression, as it seemed to match my monthly menstrual cycle. I’m not exactly sure what’s true. 

What I do know is that I disrupted the cycle.

The familiar pattern can still show up, but it feels far away. There is space. I notice it. I even engage with it. It doesn’t consume me like it used to. I am in charge even when I allow the pattern to play. I am super curious about patterns of behavior so I watch it. I learn from it. I also talk to myself the same way an adoring adult would talk to a beloved child or pet. I know it will exhaust itself, and I will grow in a way that continues to sustain a healthy sense of wellbeing.

The interesting thing about an addictive pattern is when you step away from it you recognize there is an opposing force to the consumption: creation. 

Consumption = to consume

Creation = to create

They like to be in balance. 

An existence is based on an equalizing force. An equilibrium.

We continually chip away to the goodness available in a regulated state of balance.

Here’s another win-win combo: Thanks-Give.

Allowing the flow of generosity and abundance into your life. AND. Giving and sharing the flow of generosity and abundance to others.


Not too much. Not too little. Just right.



Billy Joel at the COG 2020

As with anyone’s content shares, there is backstory and context to allofit. This video was created on the morning of Thanksgiving 2020. My neighbor created a respite in our neighborhood park that he named ‘the COG’ – circle of gratitude. It’s a secret society. So I am sworn to secrecy of any more details.