What is self-awareness?

Imagine you were in some sort of a waiting area. It was quiet, you were mildly calm or just generally unaffected – maybe even enjoying a moment to yourself. You see a magazine that catches your attention. Pause: this is for another time BUT…what does that mean, β€˜catches your attention’? What is your β€˜attention’?

Anyway, back to the waiting area and the magazine. You begin to flip through the pages of the magazine and a self-quiz catches your eye – you are drawn to the design of the quiz, perhaps the colors or the font was appealing to you. Pause: this is for another post BUT…design. Design adds. Design contributes. Color, dimension, texture, space. What is design-thinking and how does it apply in your world? Home, work, community – is it relevant?

Back to the quiz in the waiting area. You notice the quiz and become curious, the first question asks: 1. Are you self-aware? Yes or No. Without hesitation you assume the answer is Yes.


Are you?

What does it mean?

Self. Aware.

If you did pause and made a choice to be curious by asking the 2 questions…you just practiced the inherent skill of self-awareness.

I am certain that there is no greater skill to improve your general state of being: more satisfied, more in control, more creative, more open, more free, more (fill in the blank)…AND not just improvement BUT sustaining, lasting – leveling up on a regular basis – kind of improvement. Sustainable growth. Contributing growth. 

Self-awareness can NOT be something that is missing and needs to be purchased or acquired by some external source or means. Oh no. Self-awareness exists inside – it lives in the invisible world along with attention, thinking, ideas, feelings, etc. Self-awareness lets the wizard in.

Self-awareness is so cool. So relevant. So general.

Self-awareness is THE skill that allows for disruption.

When you can slow down enough to observe patterns, thoughts, pattern of thoughts – the thinking that may be contributing to a story that no longer serves you…a limiting story, a story that is no longer relevant, a story that is lacking or may be harmful in some way – when you can slow down and observe the story you tell, you can disrupt the story you tell.

Practice tip: When possible, choose curious.  (hint – ask questions to yourself in a curious way – do the best you can without comparing, assuming right/wrong, or criticizing yourself or another).

” “, said wisdom…
self-awareness opens the door to the whispers…the more you practice, the easier it is to hear